Evaluate and deliver projects


Decision makers are often faced with the dilemma of which projects to take forward and which projects to put on hold at a given time. We take an objective approach to project evaluation using qualitative and quantiative methods for project appraisal. We then guide you through the planning stage and, where appropriate, provide a supporting role in project implementation.

Our work involves:

  • Project appraisal

Where appropriate we use quantitative project appraisal investment techniques to help you to make the decision on whether to take a project forward. We also help you to develop evaluation criteria for making the best decisions suited to your business aspirations.

  • Project planning

We have many years experience of planning simple to complex projects and are able to help you to develop project plans appropriate to your needs. We ensure that plans are not onerous, easy to implement and that risks are assessed with suitable mitigation measures in place.

  • Project delivery

We help you to ensure that the key checks and balances are in place for monitoring performance of your projects throughout the delivery stage.